FHSAA_logoThe FHSAA requires certain criteria for a student athlete to be able to compete in the FHSAA. Here we have provided links to the website which includes the required forms that student athletes need to fill out in order to participate in Florida High School Athletics.  Some forms have been revised therefore it is important that you print the most current form from this website and hand carry that to your doctor for their signature.  Often, doctors have outdated forms and it is a FHSAA requirement for schools to have the most recent revision of all forms.

The most common forms that are needed:

FHSAA required training (FREE) can be found on the National Federation of State High School Associations website: http://nfhslearn.com

As per FHSAA Policies 40.1.1, 41.1 and 42.1.1, all student-athletes are required to watch the following FREE NFHS Learn courses annually.

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