FCA Resource Officer

We are so excited to have Officer Joy as part of our FCA family!

The High Springs Police Department, in collaboration with the First Christian Academy School, are pleased to announce a new School Resource Officer (SRO) Position.

FCA is a Private School in High Springs with a Student Population almost exceeding 500 kids ranging from Day Care & Pre-School to High School ages.

After a couple years in preparation, it was determined that employing a SRO is a step in the right direction to further the safety and security within FCA.

This partnership was funded by the school and approved by the City of High Springs City Commission.

A good SRO is a Mentor/ Role Model, Teacher, and Law Enforcement Officer.

The High Springs Police Department has selected Officer Adam Joy to fulfill the SRO position there. Officer Joy is a 12 year Veteran Law Enforcement Officer.

Officer Joy has attended multiple trainings in preparation of becoming an SRO which includes the FDLE School Resource Officer Training course, ALICE RAIDER inservice (Active Shooter) Training Course, Patrol Rife Course, Special Needs Children/ Autism Awareness State Training and Crisis Intervention Training and More.

HSPD Deputy Chief Antoine Sheppard said, “This is a monumental step toward ensuring safety and security, along with mentorship to our children through collaborative measures with the private sector. I am confident that the FCA Parents, Students, and Staff, will recognize the value of this SRO partnership.”